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Why you really wanna know the value of your property?


A property valuation may be necessary for various reasons, mainly when selling or purchasing a property, audit, accounting, insurance, courts, inheritance, acquisition etc.   It is also necessary to maximize local taxes, realize an area’s potential, conduct loan assessments, calculate depreciation, and manage investment portfolios. The market for shared spaces is one of real estate valuation’s most significant use cases. In most cases, shareable portions of larger buildings are where apartments and commercial real estate are purchased. Without a reasonable valuation, one party may exploit at the expense of the other.

The success of every real estate investment depends on precise and dependable appraisals, which is why 3D APPRAISAL INTERNATIONAL gives its clients access to the most significant valuation database and the most priceless proprietary data in the sector. Our valuation experts also offer clients tailored reports for single or large property portfolios, empowering them to make the best possible business decisions.

We mainly cover and focus on following appraisal projects:

We are present in:

  • Residential property Valuation
  • Commercial property Valuation
  • Industrial Valuation
  • Agricultural Valuation
  • District Cooling Valuation
  • Auto/ Heavy Equipment / Machinery Valuation
  • Refinery (Oil/Gas) Industry Valuation
  • Wellness Valuation
  • USA
  • UAE
  • KSA
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Bahrein
  • Lebanon
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